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 If you've ever been in a pickle about whose turn it is to drive home after a night out... here at Tuckers we've got a plan to solve that dilemma.

Pitch up right behind our Inn and your journey from pub to pitch is just a hop, skip, and stumble away!

What we be offerin'

If you fancy a bit of live entertainment, our barn bashes are proper Zummerzet electrification! With live tunes, local cider, and laughter, it's the perfect recipe for a crackin' good time.

Weekends 'round these parts can get a tad rock and roll, so if you're hankering for a more laid-back camping experience, why not join us on weekdays, from Sunday to Thursday? Make sure to choose the option that suits your vibe!

Feeling peckish? Our cafés got you covered (open Fri-Sun).

From hearty breakfasts to scrumptious cakes and freshly brewed coffee, we'll satisfy your cravings, plus mouthwatering baguettes and hot pasties that are hard to resist!

Friday and Saturday nights we serve up home-cooked goodness to sit and enjoy in our parlour or take away.

Once you try our café treats, your heart and tummy will be begging for more, and we'd be happy to oblige, 

Calling all competitive souls! If you're in the mood for some friendly rivalry, why not rent our skittle alley? Its the ultimate battleground to showcase your skills and aim for victory. And don't fret 'bout age restrictions, because our skittle alley is suitable for everyone from "nappies to nineties." So gather your team, bring your A-game, and let the skittle showdown begin!

The area is something of a walker's paradise, with a direct network of footpaths and bridleways for you and your four-legged friend to discover. Get ready to explore breathtaking landscapes, picturesque trails, and hidden gems that'll leave you waggin' your tail with excitement.

Need some inspiration? Check out the AllTrails link for some fantastic walking routes.


Down Zummerset Way

Get ready to have your noggin blown and your zogs knocked off by the sheer gurt beauty of this place!  From majestic gorges carving through the land to eye-catching tors, and  historic architecture that would make even the most stoic statue crack a smile, this place has it all. 'Its like Mother Nature and history teamed up to create the ultimate sightseeing extravaganza.

Visit Somerset​

So whether you're cruising in a campervan, rolling in with a caravan, or adventuring solo in a tent, we've got you covered. Pack your bags, grab your friends, and head over to our charming Historic Inn for fun, food, and frolickin' - no more designated driver debates, just good times and even better memories!

Before 'you book your spot, make sure you give our Campsite Rules a good read. We promise, we're not trying to be party poopers, we just want to avoid any spontaneous shenanigans!

Choose Your Perfect Pitch

We strive to make every camper's experience truly special! That's why we've designed  Three different areas  to cater to various preferences and ensure everyone finds their perfect pitch:

  1. Adults Only Area: This designated section offers a setting, away from the excitement of children and lively groups. Enjoy a fantastic time in the company of fellow adults.

  2. Family Area: This area is specifically designed for those who prefer a camping experience away from larger groups, where children can play freely and parents can relax and unwind.

  3. Group Gathering Area: For those who love to have a blast with friends, family and like-minded campers, our group area is the place to be. 

While we can't guarantee absolute silence, particularly during lively weekends when the campsite is bustling with activity, we always strive to maintain a harmonious balance.

Our focus is on creating a friendly and welcoming environment for all campers, ensuring that your comfort and enjoyment are at the forefront of everything we do.

So, come on in, choose your pitch, and our camping crew will arrange the perfect spot for you. 

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