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Group Responsibility Bond

Terms & Conditions

Camping with a group of five or more adult guests can be a great adventure, however, it's important to remember that other campers are also sharing the site, and we don't want them to feel like they're stuck in the middle of a wild party. To encourage groups to play nice with others and abide by our campsite rules, we've introduced the Group Responsibility bond! It's our way of encouraging groups to be considerate and abide by the campsite rules for a harmonious stay. During the booking process, we'll kindly request the ringleader (aka the group organizer) to provide a Responsibility Bond.

Rest assured, if your group spreads good vibes, plays by the rules, and shows respect to fellow campers, we'll happily return your bond.

After your stay, simply shoot us an email, and we'll promptly refund you! Easy peasy, right?

 But.....If we get a complaint from a neighbouring camper or someone in your group disregards the rules, unfortunately, we'll have to retain the bond, and your entire group may be asked to leave. So keep everyone in check, unless you want to experience a night under the stars without the comfort of a tent.

To ensure a united front, ask your guests to quote your group name during the booking process, and we'll do our best to pitch you together

Remember, you hold the power to influence your guests' behaviour. Let's avoid turning up the music to concert levels or engaging in late-night shouting matches. We aim to create a serene oasis, not a rowdy nightclub. 

So, let's be cool, follow the rules, and create a memorable camping experience filled with good vibes.

Our rules are summarised below.

Night time stealth mode

Shhh... Sleeping beauty mode is activated between midnight and 7am. No musical performances, shouting contests, or late-night karaoke sessions. Let's keep the nocturnal noises at bay, including the sound of slamming car doors (let's not wake up the woodland creatures, shall we?).

Kids.... they may be small, but their potential for mischief is gigantic:

We know kids can be little adventurers, but let's avoid treasure hunting in other campers' tents or turning someone's lawn chair into a catapult. Keep an eye on those mischief-makers and save the day from any potential chaos!

Calling all pet parents and their furry sidekicks!:

Dogs, be on your best behavior! No chasing cute little bunny rabbits, and certainly no scaring fellow campers. And remember, the poop patrol is your duty. Picking up after your furry friend is a must-do to keep our campsite pristine (and our shoes poop-free).

We have a mission for you: to be the guardians of a pristine and picture-perfect campsite!:

Don't be a litterbug! Use the bins provided and save the broken tents and chairs for your imaginary camping museum back home. Oh, and smokers, remember to use the ashtrays—let's not turn the ground into an ashy art installation.

Channel your inner tortoise:

Slow down, speed racers! We're not hosting the Campsite Grand Prix. Watch out for curious kids, playful pups, and any wild critters trying to race across the tracks. Safety first, and remember, a snail's pace is just fine.

Handle fire pits and barbecues safely:

Keep the flames high and the grass unburned. No liquid fire starters, please. Keep a safe distance, especially from marshmallow-loving children and pets. And when the clock strikes midnight, extinguish those fires like a campfire magician. And leave your axe-wielding skills at home, lumberjack.

Calling all beverage enthusiasts and thirsty campers!:

Bring your favorite beverages to the campsite, but please don't bring them into our facilities. Our fully licensed bars are ready to quench your thirst and provide the ultimate campsite libation experience.


Unless they've been vetted by our campsite manager, we don't allow uninvited guests. Safety and security are our top priorities. We want to make sure we have a good headcount, not a surprise party crasher!


The smoke-free zone is in full effect inside our facilities. Step outside and find our designated smoking areas in the gardens. Let's keep the air fresh and campfire-scented, not cigarette-scented.

Mobile generators, Amplified music, fireworks, and Chinese lanterns are not allowed:

Sorry, folks, no techno dance parties or sky lantern festivals. Let's keep the peace and tranquility intact. Instead, we'll provide nature's soundtrack and a starry sky to marvel at.

Last but not least, let's keep it clean, people!

Drugs have no place in our campground. Any offenders will be swiftly escorted off the premises, leaving the rest of us to enjoy a drug-free, laughter-filled adventure.

For your personal security and safety video linked security cameras maintain constant recorded surveillance of our site

A gap of 6m between all units. This is a legal requirement. You may be asked to move your tent/unit if pitched too close to another. 3m is acceptable for groups.
If you plan on arriving back on site after 22:00, you must park your vehicle in the car park out of consideration for other campers staying with us.
You are liable at all times for any fires, BBQs and other activities undertaken around the site. We do not allow open fires of any sort inside your unit.
Please ensure you know the fire safety procedure and fire points around the site
Abusive behaviour will not be tolerated. We reserve the right to ask you to leave should this occur without a refund 

By booking to stay with us you, together with all the members of your party agree to comply with the following rules, it is your responsibility to ensure your party members are made aware of our rules, You may be asked to leave if our rules are not followed

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