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Image by Fabio Henning

Skittle Alley Hire

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Seekin' a night of good ol' fashioned fun and a bit of friendly competition? Look no further than our Skittle Alley - like a bowlin' alley, but with more pins, more laughter, and (hopefully) fewer gutter balls. With its own cozy buildin' and a cracklin' log fire, ye can truly let yer hair down and get yer game face on.

Whether ye be celebratin' a birthday, buildin' yer team, or just lookin' fer a jolly good time knockin' down some pins, our Skittle Alley be the perfect spot fer yer merriment.

Our Skittle Alley is available for hire seven days a week, so book now and get ready for a night of fun, FOOD and fierce (but friendly) competition.
All this for just £30 - it's a steal! 

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