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Tuckers Grave Inn, a pub renowned,

Where Edward Tucker's fate was found.

In days of old, suicides forbidden,

At crossroads lay his grave, hidden.

1827 brought a license anew,

Rossitor's venture, a place to brew.

Bread, beer, cider, victuals so grand,

Tuckers Grave Inn, built on this land.

Then came the Wilson pair, Jimmy and Margery,

Guiding the pub with fervent bravery.

Through acres of land, they made it thrive,

Preserving the legacy, keeping it alive.

Glenda and Ivan, in '84 they arrived,

Their love for the pub truly revived.

With devotion untamed, they carried on,

The legend of Tuckers Grave, never gone.

Now a new family holds the reins,

Continuing the story, where history remains.

A pub of allure, where tales intertwine,

Tuckers Grave Inn, a timeless shrine.

Locals and travelers, side by side,

Drink within it halls, where stories reside.

Edward Tucker's spirit forever gleams,

In the walls of Tuckers Grave, it beams.

So raise a glass to this legendary place,

Where history and legend embrace.

Tuckers Grave Inn, a beacon of old,

Where stories are told and memories unfold.

Interesting fact

It's interesting to know that the British punk band The Stranglers wrote a song about Tuckers Grave in 2004. A testament to the power of a good pub and the memories it can create. 

It just goes to show that music and a good pint can bring people together

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