Tuckers Grave Inn Event /Campsite
Terms and Conditions 2020/21


The venue



  1. Tuckers Grave Inn has a PRS licence so music can be played within the barn to an audience.  Unfortunately, due to the close proximity of our neighbours we do not allow heavy base music this includes drum and base, techno, garage and such like.  Sound Limit; To prevent any disturbance for our surrounding neighbours an onsite sound limiting system is in place cutting the power to the PA systems & amplifiers that go above the appropriate levels of sound (95 db). This 3 light system will be shown during your initial overview of the venue.  Mobile monitoring beyond this system is also recorded during your event to ensure noise pollution is not affecting local residents. These measurements may be fed back to you to adjust or change activities, the requests need to be followed.  

  2. The performance must end at 11pm, the sound limit system has a time control built in to enforce this.

  3. The bar closes at 11pm

  4. The barn can be decorated as you like. You can have access from midday of the day booked to begin your preparations. No permanent sprays / alike can be used.  After your event the venue must left clean and tidy with the removal and correct disposal of rubbish

  5. The sockets within the barn are on a timer so may not work during the day due to previous misuse, this can be adjusted by request.

  6. We do not provide exclusivity to any event; we will not advertise your event but you need to be aware that people who may be camping / having a drink in the pub may wander out to listen to your music and would appreciate your welcome. Events to date have enjoyed the sociable interaction with it boosting the positivity of their party

  7. We expect your guest to behave in an appropriate manner, you are responsible for this.  If you are unable to administer the guidelines laid out in this document the possible shut down of your event will be at the management’s discretion

  8. NO DRUGS Anyone found using drugs will be asked to leave the premises

  9. Only drink purchased from the premises may be consumed on the premises, any persons found bringing their own drink in this area may be asked to leave, it is your responsibility to enforce this.

  10. No glassware from the pub to be taken into the barn camping fields; Eco friendly cups are available to purchase at £1 each.

  11. No smoking inside any of the facilities, the designated smoking areas are the beer gardens.

  12. For safety reasons we do not allow fireworks

  13. A floodlit footpath from the pub exists which we would like you to use rather than squeeze between cars in the car park putting yourself at risk with car movements.

  14. You will be made aware of FIRE SAFETY ARRANGEMENTS; you and staff will be responsible for this.


It is your responsibility to ensure that your guests are aware of the terms and conditions highlighted in red






Camping in conjunction with an event

The following terms and conditions apply to camping bookings


  1. A camping area can be dedicated to your party by request. This area will be the area shown on the map in front of the barn on the far side of the stream Yellow and Orange

  2. Approximate numbers will be needed to designate appropriate areas for us to set aside, and a deposit will be needed to secure the required area 8 weeks prior to your event

  3. ON ARRIVAL all campers are to report to the Pub before setting up

  4. Tags must be displayed at all times

  5. Camp fires are permitted but only in raised fire pits

  6. B-B-Qs are permitted provided the BBQ is on a stand to avoid burning the grass

  7. The use of mobile generators is strictly prohibited

  8. Please Respect your neighbours, no noise after 10pm on the campsite

  9. Speed limit of 5mph is mandatory in the interest of everyone's safety especially children playing

  10. You are responsible for your children’s actions

  11. Dogs must be kept under control and on a lead at all times. Please ensure that any dog mess is cleaned up even when taking your dog for a walk around the campsite. This is in the interest of hygiene for everyone. Bag it and Bin it

  12. Keep your camping area clean and tidy. Do not drop litter around the site. It's not only messy but dangerous to wildlife and farm animals. Please treat the land, facilities and amenities on site with respect and care so that other guests may continue to enjoy them. In the event that you notice damage to any facilities or amenities please report it to the Pub immediately so that we can take the appropriate action.


Our site is presently under development. There are plans for new a new shower and toilet block. Unfortunately, until then our only option are portaloos. These are emptied weekly but in the event they are full, we have 24-hour toilets at the pub.


All persons using the site and its facilities do so at their own risk. No responsibility is accepted by the proprietors for personal injury or inconvenience, loss or damage to personal property including vehicles

As the event host it is your responsibility to ensure that your guests are aware of the campsite terms and conditions highlighted in red, if these are not observed they may be asked to leave the site


We take care that the details within this document are accurate, but we reserve the right to amend details without prior notice




Hire of barn- £150 per night:  Payment due 6 weeks prior your event date (non-refundable)

Plus £100 deposit paid at time of booking: Refundable after your event re our terms and conditions

Please note – Your £100 deposit is non-refundable if you cancel your event

Hire of Patio heaters £10 each per night

Camping £8 per person per night:


 Prices are subject to change without notice. All prices agreed on confirmed booking with a deposit paid will be honoured