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Barn Hire


Please carefully read and understand the following information as it pertains to our Terms and Conditions.

Kindly note that the venue may not be suitable for every event, so please consider this when making your booking.


In terms of the barn hire, we do not provide exclusivity to any event, but we do not advertise your event either. Guests staying at the campsite or enjoying a pint in the pub may wander out to listen to your music, so we kindly ask you to welcome them. Events to date have enjoyed the sociable interaction with it boosting the positivity of their party and fostering a sociable atmosphere.

While we do hold a PRS license that allows music to be played within the barn, we do have restrictions due to our proximity to neighbours. Heavy bass music, including genres such as drum and bass, house and techno, is not permitted. Additionally, all performances must conclude by 11pm.

You are welcome to decorate the venue according to your preferences. However, please refrain from using sprays or confetti, and ensure that any decorations you put up are removed directly after your event leaving the venue ready for the next guests.

It is important to properly bag and dispose of any rubbish from the barn, ensuring it's left clean and tidy by 9am the next day. Failure to do so will result in the retention of your deposit

Please note that the sockets within the venue operate on a timer and may not function during the day due to previous misuse. If you require adjustments, please notify us in advance.

As the venue and its surrounding gardens are fully licensed, it is illegal to bring personal drinks into these areas. Any individuals found with their own beverages will be asked to leave.

We do not host parties for guests under 21 due to legal restrictions on alcohol service and our commitment to ensuring a safe event environment. This policy is in place to comply with the law and minimize potential legal liabilities.

You're welcome to bring in an external catering van, provided it holds a hygiene certificate rating of 4 stars or above. However, please note that buffet-style food setups are not permitted in the barn. 

Space and Congestion: Buffet setups crowd the area and limit space for other guests, causing inconvenience. 

Food Safety Concerns: Maintaining food safety standards in buffet setups is challenging and may pose risks of contamination. 

Smoking is not allowed inside any of the facilities, except in the designated smoking areas which are the Beer Gardens. Fireworks are also not permitted. Furthermore,  the venue or any part of it must not be used for any dangerous, offensive, noxious, illegal, immoral, or nuisance activities. The use of drugs is strictly prohibited, and anyone found in violation of this policy will be immediately removed from the site.

To maintain a safe environment, please refrain from taking glassware from the pub into the camping fields or barn. Eco-friendly cups are available for purchase at £1 each, and these cups are refundable. However, we regret that bulk refunds of more than 2 cups per person cannot be offered.

You will be provided with information regarding fire safety arrangements, and it is the responsibility of both you and our staff to adhere to them.

Please be aware that our site is continuously evolving, and there may be alterations to buildings and facilities, both structurally and cosmetically, between your booking date and the event date. For updates, please feel free to contact us.

For your safety, we recommend using the floodlit footpath from the pub instead of squeezing between cars in the car park, as it can be risky. The well-lit footpath ensures a safer passage.

We kindly request that you ensure your guests behave in an appropriate manner, as the organizer holds responsibility for their conduct. Please be aware that failure to control the behavior or comply with the guidelines specified in this document may result in the withholding of the deposit and the possibility of the party being terminated.


We regretfully don't allow parties for guests under 21 years old due to both legal restrictions on alcohol service and our commitment to ensuring a safe and responsible event environment while minimizing potential legal liabilities."

The management reserves the right to refuse admission or to terminate your party if these terms and conditions are disregarded 

Regarding camping, we recommend early booking, especially during peak season, to avoid disappointment. We also require a group responsibility bond for camping groups of 5 or more adults

Amplified music and noise management are crucial considerations due to the proximity of residential properties. To minimize disruption and noise, we have implemented a noise management policy, which includes a noise limiter. Please familiarize yourself with the details provided in the Amplified Music/Noise Management notice below. Additionally, please inform the band/DJ about these regulations.

In the event of cancellation, please refer to our Hirer Cancellation Policy below.

By Checking this box you are agreeing that....

  1. You are over 21 years of age.

  2. You have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions of Hire.

  3. You have read and understood the Amplified Music/Noise Management notice.

  4. You have informed or will inform the band/DJ about the Music Management notice.


  Amplified Music /Noise Management Policy
Our Barn is situated close to residential properties and we need to be considerate to our neighbours by minimising disruption and noise.

Noise nuisance levels are measured against ambient levels.

Locally the ambient noise level is low. We have a noise management policy which addresses the minimisation of noise associated with holding musical and entertainment events. As part of this policy, we have installed a noise limiter. This is a device that turns off power supplies to amplification equipment if noise limits exceed 95 decibels

The indicator is situated high up on the beam in front of the stage. If noise levels are reaching the maximum permitted levels the device will flash yellow. It will flash red when the level has been exceeded and this warns you that you have 5 seconds to reduce the noise level or the power will be cut off. Once the power has been cut off it resets in 5 minutes

There may be occasions when the weather can alter the direction of sound, a member of staff will be taking regular readings and may ask you to reduce the noise level if needed.

Power to the sockets in the Barn is automatically disconnected at 11.30pm and the area must be vacated by this time


These measures must be adhered to so we are able to retain our music license and continue having live music in the barn. If your music level complies with our Terms and Conditions of Hire then Tuckers would be the ideal venue for your event. 

Hirer Cancellation Policy

We know that sometimes the unexpected happens and you may have to cancel your event.   

All cancellations will be refunded in accordance with the following terms: 

Cancellations less than 3 months prior to your event will incur a 75% cancellation fee. 

Functions cancelled less than 1 month prior to your event will incur a 100% cancellation fee.

Any events that are cancelled due to unexpected or unforeseen circumstances such as pandemics or natural disasters less than 6 months before the date will be able to reschedule for another date in the future subject to availability. We recommend all customers take out the necessary insurance in the unfortunate event that you have to cancel your booking.

Our policy would be to only offer an alternative date if the venue is unable to hold your event or function due to a natural disaster, the outbreak of infectious or contagious disease, or the venue is closed by the relevant authority. 

The safety of our guests is of utmost importance so in the event that the Government or local authority declared a lock down or banned any public gatherings then this would permit you to reschedule your event or function for another date (subject to availability). In these circumstances we would not be able to offer a refund. 

We urge you to take out the appropriate insurance to cover your function or event. 

Terms and Conditions

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