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Legendary local pub, Tuckers Grave Inn was built in the mid 17th Century near the burial site of a local farm worker Edward Tucker who, on 5th June 1747 hung himself in a barn a few miles away. At that time suicides were not permitted to be buried on hallowed ground but were to be buried in unmarked graves usually at a cross roads, supposedly so the soul would be confused and not find its way to Heaven.

Edward Tucker was buried on the crossroads near the site of what was then a farmhouse, lending accommodation to local farm workers. 

In September 1827, the building was originally granted its full license to sell "bread and other victuals, beer, ale and other liquors" to a Joseph Rossitor and as the business began to grow so did the local legend of Tuckers Grave Inn.

In the late 1930's the tenancy was taken over by Jimmy and Margery Wilson along with a few acres of land and in the 1950's the Wilson's bought the pub and adjoining land from Lord Hylton's Estate.


Following Mr Wilson's death, Mrs Wilson continued to the run the pub on her own until 1984, at which point Glenda Swift who was a family friend and her husband Ivan took over at the helm.

Glenda retired in 2017 when the pub was taken over by a local family and so the story continues.....

Interesting fact

Did you know in 2004 British punk band The Stranglers wrote a song dedicated to the pubs history, 

the band are still returning customers.